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Myrtle Beach Kitchen Remodeling in 2018

If you are planning a kitchen remodeling project in Myrtle Beach this year, you’ll want to take some time to consider your options for choosing finishes and styles that have staying power. Kitchen remodeling is no easy task and it is likely one of the biggest remodeling investments you’ll make to your home in its lifetime. No homeowner wants to get half way through a remodel and realize they have made some terrible decisions about colors, finishes and functionality. Here are three of the latest trends that people are loving about kitchen remodels; they’ll stand the test of time and make your remodel much more exciting.

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Functionality Trends

Experienced home remodeling companies in Myrtle Beach will tell you to live in your home for a while to get a feel for how you actually use the space. If your space is pretty grim, it won’t take you long to figure out what you don’t like about it and decide to change it. As families continue to become smaller and more and more people are downsizing to smaller homes, functionality plays an important role in every room in your house, including the kitchen. Some of the most popular ways to add functionality to your kitchen are to add more storage space in unused areas of your kitchen such as corner cabinetry storage, adding more shelving to existing pantries, and introducing furniture that does double duty. Some people use their kitchens as a dining space, homework space, office space for after hours, and more. A popular solution is to add a desk in one area of your kitchen that matches your existing cabinetry and blends seamlessly into the decor.

Trends in Finishes

Finishes on cabinetry and appliances tend to come and go – remember when everyone was painting their cabinets in an effort to avoid replacing them? Well, it probably didn’t take you long to figure out that painting cabinets isn’t ideal: overtime the heat can impact the finish, especially if you didn’t do a good job of your kitchen cabinet remodel. Consider upgrading your cabinets to classic finishes such as white or wood finish. While oak has come and gone as a popular choice for cabinetry finishes, white cabinets seem to compliment any home decor style. They also tend to be more affordable than wooden cabinetry because the finish is a man made material, and not wood.

Color Trends

It seems futile to talk about color trends when everyone has their own favorite colors they want to decorate their homes in. But for arguments sake, let’s explore what colors are big right now. While Taupe seemed to rule the early 2000s and grey made an appearance in the last ten years, people are gravitating toward more bold colors in their homes now; realizing that all it takes to correct a bad paint job is more paint. As people become more comfortable with color in their homes, you’ll see accessories become more exciting and furniture options changing to reflect the times and what people want. Still very popular here in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, are beach themed colors, jewel tones and metallics. Whatever you decide, make sure you choose a color that’s all you.


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